The Working Group ALS has started to work on setting up the Areál ledových sportů operation system today. Representatives of major institutions responsible for sports, youth, education, or for improving the quality of life in general were actively involved. The Prague City Hall, the Czech Olympic Committee, sports associations and, last but not least, the Prague 11 City council together with the primary school Ke Kateřinkám, on whose land the Areál ledových sportů is being built, combine their abilities to create a municipal public sports facility operating manual. The group includes, for example, an economist with great experience in sports, teachers, coaches and educators, as well as managers, politicians and one successful current representative team member. The activity of the Working Group will include, among other things, meetings with other important partners, parents and the public.
photo, from left: Petr Králík, František Turek, Zdeněk Vojta, Zuzana Ujhelyiová, Alžběta Baudyšová, Karel Kubeška, Jan Stárek, Jan Létal.