Prague 11 City Council meetings, like other City Council meetings, are long, complicated, demanding, sometimes even turbulent and tense. From time to time they are tiring, confrontational and vain. But quite often they are also constructive, helpful, witty and full of important information, difficult decisions and strategic resolutions. On 10 October this year, the tenth meeting of the Prague 11 City Council took place and an important item on the agenda was the discussion of the Prague 11 City District involvement to AR Delta, a.s. Representatives decided to join and declare their position in resolution 0007/10 / Z / 2019. This step more or less crowns the process that started more than five years ago. The result of that will be an urban public sports facility functionally focused on sports on ice. Children, school youth and the public will be the users of this sport complex. PPP project The Sports on Ice Complex combines the advantages of the municipality, ie stability, responsibility and systemic control of public interest with the advantages of a private entity, which is the dynamism and ability to effectively and economically manage and operate rationally. This could be an example for other City Councils how to start their building activities regarding new sport facilities at their region.