This year’s wish for happiness (PF) is the eighth in a row in the Areál ledových sportů (Ice Sports Complex) history. And I frankly believe that it is the last one that the Areál is still unfinished. The deadline is set for the end of 2022. So far, the preconditions have been met. The second half of last year was a dramatic turn in the dynamics of construction work, especially in terms of visuals. After a long and careful preparation of the land, an unmissable monolithic concrete structure appeared within a few weeks, which will soon be supplemented by steel and wooden roof systems, cladding, and other building elements. The technological deliveries, exterior and interior modifications, and finalisation of the entire project are coming then. The wish for the coming year cannot be anything other than the successful completion of the Ice Sports Complex project and its commissioning so that the sporting youth and the general public can literally slip in and skate into new, hopefully better times.