The coronavirus epidemic (pandemic) affected our lives quite unexpectedly, and thus more dramatically. At a time when the winter ice sports season usually has its peak, i.e. March to May, practically everything has stopped. World curling and ice hockey championships were cancelled. The March World Figure Skating Championships did not take place either. In addition, domestic competitions have been forced to end due to the circumstances, so in a number of disciplines the winners are determined on the basis of the actual order. If the development is good, the epidemiologists are well informed and trustworthy and politicians are foresighted, sensible and socially responsible, young people and the public could find themselves at least outdoor in a few days. All three playgrounds at the primary school Ke Kateřinkám, along with the running track are still empty. On the one hand, it has been relatively cold so far, but mainly the current restrictions did not allow artificial surfaces to be used. Slightly optimistic outlook and spring weather with summer temperatures will be the basis for restarting physical activities in open space with increased caution and full awareness of the responsibilities of all participants. Ice surfaces and other accessories will complete these capacities into one functional unit a year later.