Filip Neusser, a former field hockey player, was appointed head of the National Sports Agency (NSA) a few days ago. The words he used in the interview for Czech Television are encouraging for projects related to the sports of children, youth and the public. Generally, it should bring more attention to school and preschool sports. There is currently a large margin in this area that needs to be solved urgently. The state and society owe schoolchildren, decimated in the past period by limited access to physical activities, a quick and good-quality re-start. The resulting effect of returning to the sports field will be not only joy in children’s eyes, but also increased immunity and better condition of our young generation. The Ice Sports Complex (ALS) has been in contact with its management throughout the existence of the National Sports Agency. Some of the suggestions and proposals provided by ALS were assessed by the Agency as stimulating, very interesting, legitimate and inspiring. The specific dimension of cooperation between the NSA and the Ice Sports Complex has yet to be determined, but the following sentences of the new captain of Czech sports sound promising and predict good times.
“We have to go to the base, go to sports in schools, activate children. If we don’t do it now, we will wait a long time for sports success. And I want to make unpopular decisions too,” says Neusser, adding: “The very first day I joined, I wanted to find at least small funds for a new program – a Call to support children in kindergartens. ”
foto: Filip Neusser