AR delta is already counting down the days to the commencement of construction activities on the Areál ledových sportů (ALS). A detailed survey of the landscape is in progress, including marking several trees for felling, preparing the relocation of some grown trees, and other general preparations to the construction site for takeover by the building construction company. The managers of the company are anxiously obeying the recommendations and instructions concerning the environment contained in the EIA document. A component of the final preparatory stage is the intensive consultation management of the primary school concerning the coordination of the individual procedural steps so that pupils practically do not notice the building activities that will soon be under way on the adjacent plot of land. Everything is planned to ensure that the mid-2020 completion deadline is met as set forth in the contract. The outdoor sports field that was ceremoniously handed over to the Ke Kateřinkám Primary School more than a year ago will also close for winter and is currently being prepared for winter. The youth and population of Jižní Město for whom the playground was freely open during the holidays, appreciated the accommodating operating regime and the high quality surfaces, which are suitable for all sorts of team sports. Upon completion of the entire ALS building, which was divided into two consecutive stages, the multifunctional playgrounds will have gained a new significant dimension. The complete premises will have the character of a sports complex that meets the sporting needs of not only the general public, particularly school-aged children, but also of sports teams and clubs requiring comprehensive physical training facilities. AR delta is already registering many parties interested in the operation of extracurricular activities, courses, seminars, and training sessions from the ranks of former athletes, current trainers, coaches, and instructors. This only proves that winter sports have a huge tradition in Bohemia, and that the yearning to participate in sports related to sliding on the ice is immeasurable.