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Busy week.

Last week was full of activities that moved the realization of the Ice Sports Complex (Areál ledových sportů - ALS) construction a significant step forward. Many negotiations with the general contractor, technology partner, advisors and banks took up the first part of...

The Municipality has made it clear.

A number of important points were discussed at today's meeting of the Prague City Representatives. The issues of limiting automobile traffic on both banks of the Vltava River or seeking a form of assistance in one of Prague's schools regarding bullying were discussed...

Prague 11 City Council Resolution.

Prague 11 City Council meetings, like other City Council meetings, are long, complicated, demanding, sometimes even turbulent and tense. From time to time they are tiring, confrontational and vain. But quite often they are also constructive, helpful, witty and full of...

Ice-hockey and skating in ALS.

One of the Areál ledových sportů ice-skating and hockey coaches will be František Turek (photo). His answers to several questions are bellow. 1) Does skating and movement on the ice surface have any significance for children's sports development? Definitely has. This...

ALS – works under zero level.

It would seem that what is not visible is not important, it has no role and is not worth to be mentioned. But there are human activities, which clearly include construction works, for which the above statement is not valid at all and the opposite is true. Vertical...

Areál ledových sportů is spoken in CT4 .

The Czech Television editor Jakub Bažant interviewed the head manager of the Areál ledových sportů Karel Kubeška in the Sport News program on May the 20th. The questions were focused on the current topic of the construction of a municipal, public sports complex in...



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