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Our own electric current frees us.

SYNER company needs an electricity to carry on the construction works on Areál ledových sportů.. The first visible result of activities on the primary school Ke Kateřinkám land is a transformer station. It will not only provide an electric current for the construction...

Legal form change project.

AR Delta, s.r.o. is on the way of a transformation process, details of which are available enclosed by the click on the links below. Notice of the legal form change for creditors Legal form change...

Toi toi is the base.

Articulated, fixed, tracked, wheeled, with front spoon. Excavators, loaders, dozers, dumpers, graders, scrapers, manipulators, pipe depositors, etc. All this is certainly needed when building a sports complex. Actually, whatever it takes to build, like apartments or...

First excavator

The building construction works are successfully taking off, and in addition to the installation of building cells, the building supervision station, necessary mobile toilets, and the stakes, the first machinery is beginning to appear on the construction site. In...

The ALS and the school

It is Tuesday afternoon and I am sitting in the school headmistress’s office, which is a historical place but also one I never wanted to enter as a pupil. The situation is different today: I’m happy here. I'm interviewing the headmistress of the school that abuts the...

End and beginning

It is possible to state with relief that on 21 February 2019, the fifty-four-month-long preparatory stage of the construction of the Ice Sports Complex (ALS) was finally completed. On the same day, by handing over the building plot, the implementation stage could also...



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