The Elementary School Ke Kateřinkám was built in 1979 and a football stadium with running tracks was made at the same year. Twenty years later, the multifunctional open-air sport ground was open for pupils and five years later the volleyball court started to be used by the school. Long jump sector with a running track was built in the year 2000 and ¼ of the total cost – 200.000,- crowns – was covered by the school.

Through the years there was no money for maintenance (except 2008 – sand cleaning). This is the reason why the sport grounds are in really very bad shape and their using is at the edge of injury risk. To rebuild or revitalise them is unrealistic from the school budget point of view.

There is a solid chance for kids and their parents, after 36 years, thanks to the investor company AR delta and Praha 11 City Council, to run the open-air sport grounds again and together with the new building activate the school sport life. The focus on combination of the ice sports and ball sports logically comes from the public demand for the team sports and sport activities globally.



ZŠ Ke Kateřinkám
Ke Kateřinkám 1400
Praha 11 - Chodov


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Operations Manager

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