Milestones are important points. They are often emotionally tinged moments that accompany every longer activity. One of these milestones occurred in the process of building the Areál ledových sportů (ALS). After earthworks and piloting were launched, there was a good time to tap the foundation stone, One hundred and fifty-year-old curling stone, which was selflessly provided by the Bairds of Newburgh (Scotland), was a great fit for this purpose. It is a stone that remembers playing curling on frozen Scottish lakes, and thus boldly can be a symbol for linking tradition and present. Of course, it will not be inserted into the building base as it is in other cases, but will have a place of honour in the interior of the ALS. The Prague City Councillor, a political representative of the Prague 11 district, general and technological contractor representatives, and the primary school Ke Kateřinkám headmaster, wishes the smooth continuation of the construction, timely completion and dynamic operation start-up. However, there were also athletes, coaches, sport association methodists, designers, architects, the Czech Olympic Committee representatives and others. The municipal public sports complex, built in the form of a PPP project, seems to all “patrons and godmothers” as an extremely promising pilot project that will make sports and physical activities accessible to children, young people and the general public and will increase the living standard of Czech society.