It is possible to state with relief that on 21 February 2019, the fifty-four-month-long preparatory stage of the construction of the Ice Sports Complex (ALS) was finally completed. On the same day, by handing over the building plot, the implementation stage could also commence, which will take fourteen months. According to the schedule, testing the ALS operations should start in May 2020, and several weeks later the completed ALS will hold its opening ceremony. Today’s meeting with representatives of the investors, the building construction company, the designers, and representatives of the leadership of the Municipality of Prague 11 was rather informal in character. Although the project’s chief engineer and the manager of the building construction team formally handed over the construction site in the school office, the rest of the attendees were engaged in active discussion on the construction site. The issue of youth sports in relation to education is a hot topic that touches on many factors. The main factor, of course, is the need to construct quality sports facilities that are easily accessible by children and youth, as well as a corresponding number of educated trainers specialising not only in the individual sports but also in educating specific age groups. A transparent financing system that is motivating and administratively manageable is also a consideration, as is matching school curricula and support from the teachers, pedagogical staff, and parents. We have the next fourteen months to solve the yet unfinished ‘details’ cited above. Within that period, we will enrich Prague with only one sports complex, but we must resolve the remaining problems in cooperation with politicians, officials, pedagogical staff, trainers, parents, and mainly with the children. But as for the present, I extend my thanks to all those who have joined us on this journey.