During the pandemic, more than thirty percent of children stopped playing sports regularly. There is also a visible decline in interest in exercise among the adult population. Other circumstances add to these trends, or rather fluctuations. The increase in energy prices does not allow sports facilities to maintain the previous prices for renting sports grounds, and the cost of living for families increases due to inflation. The mentioned factors are important and cannot be underestimated, on the other hand, it is clearly a temporary condition that sooner or later will end and which must not lead to a decrease in the level of general movement abilities and skills in the long term. The Ice Sports Complex, the construction of which is nearing completion, will be an ideal place symbolising the cessation of the bad trend of the last three years. The Ice Sports Complex operational focus on the public and school youth is formed, among the other things, by the location of the Campus in the dense urban development of the South City. A wide range of options, from ball sports played on three multi-functional, renovated open air sports grounds, through a sprint track and a long jump sector, to two ice rinks designed for hockey, ice skating, figure skating and curling and fitness with a subsequent relaxation zone, is a natural platform for correcting that what was neglected and coming back on the track. The Ice Sports Complex, in cooperation with its partners, creates a new quality offer that will be appreciated especially by the people of Prague.