The Czech Union of Sport, through the tweet of its president Miroslav Jansta, published the results of a survey concerning the interest of young people in sports after the end of recent lock-downs. It was mainly about a return to sports grounds and sports clubs. Two-fifths of the answers were “no” or “almost no”. Although the question was not ideal and allowed slight misinterpretation, only 22% of the answers were clearly yes. The reasons for an embarrassing return to physical activity can be different. Ordinary laziness and reluctance to move, insecurity, but also fear of safety or changed priorities. Another factor can certainly be the reluctance to go back to something or somewhere where it was not very fun, exciting and enjoyable. In truth, how many new sports facilities have been created near school facilities that meet the strictest standards in the program, personnel, technical and coaching-methodological areas in the last few years? The fact that life has stalled in many ways over the last two years and lost its natural dynamics is probably the most important thing for young people and their critical and sincere ability to distinguish the viable from the unnecessary. Parents themselves often are bewildered and not sure what is good for their offspring. The general obligation for all concerned is to create favourable conditions for easy access to the opportunity to develop the physical abilities of young people, for example, by building new sports grounds near schools. If a quality offer of sports activities is available, the reactions to the above question about returning to sports will certainly be more favourable and promising.