Last week was full of activities that moved the realization of the Ice Sports Complex (Areál ledových sportů – ALS) construction a significant step forward. Many negotiations with the general contractor, technology partner, advisors and banks took up the first part of the week. Wednesday morning was reserved for the Working Group of the Ice Sports Complex , which had its seventh session. The programme included an evaluation of the two group members at the Conference on the Support of Youth Sports in Regions, held in Karlovy Vary on the 19th January 2020. Lecture by Jan Pirk, information by Filip Šuman on floorball tournaments and opinion on the sports of youth by governors of several regions were the inspirational moments of this representative meeting. The improvised presentation of the successful figure skating school presented by its founder Tomáš Verner, together with the narration of David Svoboda, one of the Czech Olympic winners, was the more practical part. Such initiatives are used by the ALS Working Group to formulate its recommendations and conclusions.
On Thursday’s agenda of the Prague 11 City Council there was an item under the number 15 concerning the Ice Sports Center. The present representatives confirmed their interest in being active partners of the project and voted to join the joint-stock company that is building and preparing the operation of this sports complex. The very end of the week was focused purely practically on the continuation of the construction and operation modules of the complex.
Simply, an ordinary, normal, standard, plain, busy week.