Subsoil remediation, soil compaction, liming of surfaces, bonding of reinforcement, and concreting of monolithic walls of the building. These are the most important, ongoing construction activities. Areál ledových sportů (The Ice Sports Complex) is growing before our eyes. Thanks to the ongoing work, even a complete laic can get a rough idea of ​​where the locker rooms will stand in a year, where the ice surfaces will shine, where the entrance foyer will reveal and where the ice cutting machine or special cutting knife will come out on the ice. The elongated tentacle of a huge red crane straddling the entire building majestically overlooks the workers’ effort. Just a few hours and another piece, another meter, another ton. But it is not just about the building process. A meeting of the working group is scheduled for the beginning of November, which will address the operational circumstances of the Premises at a right time. The meeting of representatives of the City of Prague, MČP 11, sports associations, NOC, FTVS, and others, together with the school teachers and the operator’s representatives, will provide the inputs needed to set up the structure and schedule of sports activities. And in the meantime, the building is rising.