Areál ledových sportů

We build public sports facility with two ice rinks for you

Finishing works.

Finishing works are underway at the Ice Sports Complex (Areál ledových sportů) leading to the start of operations. Everything is planned down to the smallest detail so that, despite obstacles in the form of high energy prices, political instability and rising...

Construction of the Ice Sports Complex is in the finish line.

During the pandemic, more than thirty percent of children stopped playing sports regularly. There is also a visible decline in interest in exercise among the adult population. Other circumstances add to these trends, or rather fluctuations. The increase in energy...

The Summer Suburban Camp.

Time is running at a furious pace and the school holidays are coming to an end. Just before the end, there is also a summer suburban sports camp, which takes place on the outdoor sports grounds of the Ice Sports Complex from August 15th to 19th. Children between the...

About the Project

The Ice Sports Complex “Areál ledových sportů” (ALS) is a unique project that will fundamentally affect the winter sports that uses ice rinks to be developed. The project, implemented by AR Delta Company, is aimed not only at sports but also at the sphere of children and youth education, leisure activities and support of a healthy lifestyle.

The preparation of the project started in 2014 and its completion is planned for the second half of 2022. The complex meets the highest demands placed on sports, social and environment. The central element of ALS is a hall with two ice rinks. One is for skating and ice-hockey, the other has four curling sheets.

The uniqueness of the complex is not only in its complexity, but especially in its planned use. The complex is located in an agglomeration where nearly one hundred thousand people live and there are more than thirty school and pre-school facilities attended by over five thousand children. These facts lead the investor to target the use of Areál ledových sportů to school children and youth. Sufficient capacity will also be used by the adult population.

The Ice Sports Complex (ALS), Ke Kateřinkám 1400, Prague 11, whose construction has been the subject of preparations for four years already by AR Delta Company in cooperation with the Municipality of Prague 11, is the pilot  project of a network of specialised sports facilities preferentially intended for use by children and youth. The objective of the entire concept is to create conditions for the improvement and maintenance of good physical fitness of school age children. But the project also does not neglect adult users, that is, the parents, seniors, and other citizens of the catchment areas. The focus on ice sports draws on both the Czech tradition of winter sports as well as the effort to broaden the range of physical activities that can be performed in a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere. This means that although the ice rinks are the focal point of the project, they are supplemented by related operations. This mainly concerns the leisure/ club/restaurant zone, which is a non-smoking and barrier-free area, just like the entire premises. Furthermore, the plan includes a gym; rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and training room; and a sports equipment rental service with a small store.

The outdoor sports grounds are the important part of the entire sports complex, including three revitalized multifunctional playgrounds designed for all kinds of ball sports. The surfaces are chosen to be gentle to the movement apparatus of school children and youth. The running track with a sand pit for a long jump is added. Sporting activities on ice rinks plus ball sports and athletics disciplines form a perfect mix of physical activities suitable not only for the main target group, ie youth, but also for other citizens who will be using the sport complex in their free time.

Areál ledových sportů is a typical urban public sports venue.




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